Eat Something, Not Someone!

Pigs arrive in Los Angeles, California to be slaughtered. Animal lovers gather outside the slaughterhouse to try and give them love and water, likely the only kindness these innocent, young individuals will ever know. Is a hot dog or ham sandwich worth all this suffering?  Los Angeles Animal Save organizes the vigils.  #JaneUnChained

JaneUnChained is with Los Angeles Animal Save outside a pig slaughterhouse in Los Angeles, California taking a brief look inside the truck packed with pigs, who will be slaughtered only moments after leaving the truck. Please eat something… not someone! #JaneUnChained

LAAS Pigs in Truck (little one in middle)

Pigs, many only 6 months old are crammed into transport trucks with no food, water or a place to relieve themselves for many hours

LAAS Pig getting water 8:13:17

Kudos to the local police department for stopping the trucks for two minutes, so activists can give water to pigs, who voraciously drink the water provided.

LAAS Pigs in truck 2 8:13:17 (2)

These baby pig have…

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