Wildlife Rescue


Area Rehabbers Klub

A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Baby Birds


Coats for Cubs

Critter Control

Glue Traps: Pans of Pain

  • If you find an animal stuck to a glue trap, grab some baby oil and pour it on the hair  – work the hair back and forth until it is free.

Havaheart Animal Traps

Helping Turtles Cross Roads

How to Help Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

How to Remove Opossum Babies Safely

I Brake For Wildlife Bumper Stickers

Orphaned or Injured Opossum

Pennsylvania Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators

Raticator (supposedly the most humane option)

Snuggle Coats

State Wildlife Rehabs & Services

Turtle In the Road! – What Should I Do?

What to Do if You Find Orphaned Opossums

The Wildlife Orphanage 

Wildlife Rescue Nests



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