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Awareness Helps is an online resource specializing in animal welfare, animal rights and environmental awareness.


This website functions as a guide and starting point for those who hear the cries of the oppressed victims and want to take action.


I provide premium quality resources via the Directory, in the following forms noted below.


  • Websites
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Note: Not everything I share is bad news. Check the directory, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy.


If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?


Though most of my advocating is done online, I also do community outreach as well and try to engage and educate others. I create flyers to promote my website and for various causes. I post in my local community and when I travel.


I post flyers on any bulletin board. I leave flyers just about anywhere and especially in unsuspecting spots; i.e. next to personal and household products, restroom, check out aisle. I also promote HappyCow via my custom vinyl decal, magnet and flyers I downloaded.


View my community outreach tools here.



AwarenessHelps.com is a personal outreach effort established in 2012 and revamped in 2017. I first started on Twitter in 2011.


About Product and Website Promotion

In most if not all cases, any product or website I promote on AwarenessHelps.com, via the Directory or on my Twitter page is done at my discretion and does not normally involve knowledge of other parties. However, there are some times when I feel the need to reach out to a company or group. I receive no compensation whatsoever in return for my support and promotion. 


If you have questions, suggestions, or any issues using the website, let me know using the form below.





🐾 Proudly involved in animal rights since the early 90s — if I had it to do over again I would not change a thing. This is my heart, this is my life.

suppσrtíng αnímαl wєlfαrє – fíghtíng fσr αnímαl ríghts – σnє єαrth σnє chαncє

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