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March 2018
Advocates for Snake Preservation

February 2018
A Well Fed World

January 2018
Fish Pain

December 2017
Fish Feel

November 2017
Unparalleled Suffering Photography

October 2017
Arte for Elephants

September 2017
German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California

August 2017
Prevent Pet Suffocation

July 2017
Muffin’s Halo

June 2017
Jane Unchained

May 2017
Israel Against Live Shipments

April 2017
Sympathy At Slaughter

March 2017
Chantal Poulin Durocher

February 2017
Tamara Kenneally Photography

January 2017
Ethical Choices Program

December 2016
United Poultry Concerns

November 2016
Animals’ Angels

October 2016
Balloons Blow

September 2016
Alliance to End Chickens As Kaporos

August 2016
Stop Crush

July 2016
Animal Visuals

June 2016
Cruelty Cutter

May 2016
Hartz Victims

April 2016
United Poultry Concerns

March 2016
Food For Thought Campaign

February 2016
We Animals

January 2016
Animal Experiments Pictures

December 2015
Mercy For Animals

November 2015
Poisoned Pets

October 2015
Humane Charity Seal

September 2015
Hartz Victims



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