Pig Transport Horror Witness Speaks Out


Texas man expresses horror over witnessing the treatment of terrified pigs whose transport truck overturned. Bodybuilder Coby Linder says he felt sick and saddened. The worst part was that he knew it was all perfectly legal because farm animals have few, if any, rights. Linder and fellow bodybuilder, Tracy Nelson have started Dallas Animal Save to speak for these voiceless animals! #JaneUnChained Toronto Pig Save Link to video Coby shows us: https://www.facebook.com/savemovement/posts/691801834353945

Dallas Animal Save 1

Interstate 45 near Dallas, TX shut down after semi truck crashes carrying pigs bound for slaughter.

Dallas Animal Save 2

Pigs bound for slaughter who survive crash are loose on I-45 near Dallas, TX

Dallas Animal Save 3

Police using a prod, herd reluctant pigs into a transport truck

Dallas Animal Save 4

This poor pig, apparently unable to walk, was subject to having the police use ropes to drag him or her on to the transport truck.

Dallas Animal Save 6

Pig dragged by ropes on to truck

Dallas Animal Save 7

Pig dragged by…

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