Videos / Animals For Food

Animal Equality Investigation in Chicken Hatcheries

The Animal Holocaust Art Exhibition by Jo Frederiks w/Phillip Wollen

Animals Choking on Their Own Blood: What The Mexican Government Doesn’t Want You to See

Anti-Veal TV Ad

Ask Your Doctor About Meat (parody)

Banksy: Sirens of the Lambs (Info)

Billions of animals are produced and killed for meat each year. This can change everything.

Cheese Junkies Beware!

Dairy Cruelty & Spiked Nose Ring on Calf

Dr. David Sztybel’s Comparison between Ag Animals and the Nazi Holocaust

Europe’s Dark Secret: Eye Opening Speech

Hormel Investigation

Lorena Mucke & the Need for Humane Education

Inside Tyson’s Hell: Why I Got Out of the Chicken Slaughter Business

Little Girls and Boy won’t let their Dad Kill a Chicken

Little Girl Crying over her Chick Friend

Maxine’s Dash For Freedom

Normal and Natural

Raising Awareness of Horse Meat

The Secrets of Food Marketing

The Secret Reason We Eat Meat

Sharks Don’t Cry

Video That Shows How Gummy Bears Are Made Might Change Your Mind About Eating Them

What do you think about eating cats?

Why Love One?

Zoe Weil: Extending Our Circle of Compassion


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