Veg Support

If you feel it’s time to make the switch to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, this page can offer support in making a smooth transition.

There are many reasons to cut animal-based products from your diet; ethics, environment, health, religious and some are just lucky enough to be born into a veg family.

Whatever the reason behind your choice, this page is packed with resources to help. Also be sure to get your RDA of Vitamin B12!


Number of websites: 44     Last updated: 12/19/16


21-Day Vegan Kickstart

25 Tips for Vegetarian Newbies

30-Day Vegan Challenge

Advocate From Your Plate

Barnivore: Vegan Wine, Beer & Liquor

Becoming a Vegetarian

Blacks Going Vegan

By Any Greens Necessary

Compassionate Meals

Choose Veg

FullyRaw by Kristina

The Gentle Chef

Great Vegan Athletes

Health Tips

How to Build Muscle Mass on a Plant-Based Diet

Latest Vegan News

No Meat Athlete

North American Vegetarian Society

Nutrition Facts

One Single Act

The PB&J Campaign

Plant-Based by Nafsika

Plant-Based Cooking

Plant-Based Protein Grocery List

The Plant-Based Dietician

Plant Strong Fitness

The Struggling Vegan

Safe For Animals

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian

Try Veg

U.S. VegWeek

Veg Eating

VegWorld Magazine

Vegan and Vegetarian Health Guide

Vegan Baking

Vegan Bodybuilding

Vegan Cheese Tasting

Vegan Easy

Vegan Express App

Vegan Mexican Food

Vegan Publishers

Vegan Society of Peace

Vegan Wine

Vegan World Radio

The Vegetarian Resource Group

Vegetarian Times

Veggie Soul Food

Why Veg?




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