You Love Animals, Right? Ever Wondered Why Others Couldn’t Care Less?

Animalista Untamed

It’s mystifying, isn’t it? We find ourselves suffused with joy watching the sparrows bathing in the bird bath, spotting bees, butterflies and dragonflies on a walk, discovering a small crab in a rock pool, watching swallows gathering on a wire in autumn, hearing the geese migrating south for winter, or stroking a donkey over the fence. We can’t let a dog or a cat walk by without moving in for a cuddle or a stroke, and telling them how beautiful they are. But most of all we love our own fur babies, sometimes (often!) more than other humans. So how can it be that there are actually people who couldn’t care less? It’s incomprehensible.

But it’s a fact. If the presence of companion animals in the family is the measure of this phenomenon, it’s a 50/50 split, half of us love’em, the other half doesn’t. Here in the UK anyway.

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Who Did You Eat Today?

Tens of thousands of innocent, vulnerable, brutalized pigs meet their gruesome fate here. Non-vegans, meet your bacon. So many compassioante and dedicated individuals take time out of their busy lives to join Toronto Pig Save and get out to bear witness to their unimaginable suffering. Dani Rukin reports for #JaneUnChained

dani rukinScreen Shot 2017-08-26 at 3.22.36 PM

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Donate now to stop bear hunts at Everything you give by September 15th will be matched up tp $15-thousand dollars by Jim Greenbaum‘s Foundation! Give now! I just did! Let’s stop these horrific hunts now! The bear hunt was stopped in Florida! Together, with a strong coalition of groups and individuals, we can stop it nationwide!

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Epic Fur Protest Against Michael Kors at NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art!

This story is from our affiliate – Animal rights activists have pleaded with fashion designer Michael Kors to stop using – and promoting – fur. But, on June 21st, 2017 they stopped asking nicely. As Kors delivered remarks to a packed theater at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, an event moderated by fashionista Alina Cho of Penguin Random House division Ballantine Bantam Dell, more than 20 animal rights activists occupied the stage and the balcony while chanting and playing the sounds of animals being killed for fur.  After several minutes, event organizers escorted Kors out of the theater, shutting down the event for approximately ten minutes. The protest video aired on TMZ where managing editor Harvey Levin commented, “I really believe in my heart that, in fifty years, nobody will wear fur,” and “…people will look at this video and say good for them.” Michael Kors and Alina Cho…

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Michelle Martens watched and was sexually aroused as her 10 year old daughter was drugged, raped, murdered, dismembered and burned

The Monsters Among Us

This case is almost a year old but the monsters will be going to trial in less than 4 months and; I want anyone who might be deciding the fate of these horrid monsters to have it fresh in their mind what this precious little girl, Victoria Martin, went through at hands of her own mother and the mother’s friends.  Her daughter was no more than an inanimate object to monster mom Michelle Martens.

Screen-Shot-2016-10-11-at-203133 Michelle Martens

In August 2016 MONSTER Michelle Martens sat back and watched as her 10-year-old daughter Victoria was raped while she begged for mercy then killed and dismembered by her mom’s boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley. Martens said she then had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes later. she also told police that she ‘liked watching Victoria being raped by her boyfriend and Kelley.

Victoria-Martens (1) Victoria Martens

Forensic reports said that Victoria was raped, strangled…

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County Public Works Supervisor and Sadist Carlos Luaces Sprayed A Nest of Newborn Robin Chicks with Poison

The Monsters Among Us


ar-150809958 #MONSTER

Carlos Luaces, a resident of Byram in Sussex County, was hired as public works superintendent in April of 2015. Three months later, he ordered employees to remove a bird’s nest that was in the public works yard.

When the employees did not comply, Luaces sprayed insecticide on the nest, killing two robin chicks. Employees complained to the West Milford police. Police contacted the Passaic County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the state Department of Environmental Protection.

On Aug. 21, the county SPCA filed animal cruelty charges against Luaces. Mayor Bettina Bieri fired Luaces from his $80,000-a-year post the day the charges were filed. Luaces lawyer, Gary A. Kraemer, said he plans to go to trial to fight the charge. He said Luaces took over the DPW during what he termed “a chaotic situation” and said some employees resented his leadership.

“He’s innocent,” Kraemer said. “He…

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Uzya Baktybay Skinned his Dog Alive and then forced him to “SIT” for a photoshoot

The Monsters Among Us

This sick individual has a video of a dog eating an elderly woman on his social media



The man you see in the above image above painfully skinned his dog while he was alive after sedating him. Then he took pictures of the poor skinned dog and proudly posted them on various social media sites. He continued to brag about the experience stating that he “enjoyed the process” and even noted that he had given the Staffordshire Terrier dog special sleeping pills to get him to fall asleep in the beginning, then woke him up forcing him to “SIT” for a photo shoot. This low-life human continued to brag as reported via social media and major Russian news sites.

A public outrage and urgent petition has been created because of these horrible acts demanding…

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Too Faced are Two Faced!

Cruelty Free


Too Faced use to be one of my favourite Cruelty Free brands – they offered great quality makeup for a good price and they seemed to truly care about animals…well thats all changed now!


Recently, Too Faced have sold their company to Estee Lauder, one of the leading large cosmetics brands that still allows animal testing to be used on their products. Now, some might argue that Too Faced are still Cruelty Free, however Estee Lauder owns the company and therefore a percentage of their profits goes to the parent company. Ultimately, if you buy from Too Faced, you are buying from Estee Lauder, and by buying through them and supporting them, you are supporting animal testing, and the thousands of animals who suffer so that Estee Lauder can sell their products in places like China.


I can’t understand why a brand, like Too Faced and Tarte, that claims to be…

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Bee Heaven – the Recipe

Animalista Untamed

 gbbc-logo-bee-saver-kit_0“Bees are beautiful, fascinating and inspiring insects and we need as many people as possible to contribute to the Great British Bee Count to help us better understand how they are faring in 21st Century Britain. Be warned – you may become obsessed with their amazing lifecycles and behaviour!”

– Steven Falk, author of Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland

Thousands responded, joining Friends of the Earth’s 2016 GBB Count to build up a picture of the state of the nation’s bees. Literally – participants contributed 14,000 photos. Great work, people.


The bees need us. We’ve already lost 20 species. And the ones that remain have a miserable 3% of the wildflowers to feed on that their forebears had 60 years ago.

So, it’s time to cook up a little bee bliss, guaranteed to lift our stripey friends out of the bee blues. Here’s our simple recipe…

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – so let’s talk about DAIRY