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Seasonal Concerns: Halloween

Seasonal Concerns at Halloween


Man accused on social media of killing Pedals didn’t do it, state confirms

Beloved Bipedal Bear Named Pedals Believed Killed By Hunter

Exposing the Big Game


A beloved black bear that won hearts after he was spotted walking around New Jersey on two legs, earning him the name Pedals, is believed to have been killed by a bow hunter.

A Facebook page created for the famous bear, which walked on his hind legs because of injuries to his front paws, announced Pedals’ death Friday. It cited witnesses at a designated black bear check station that allegedly saw the bear’s body and also heard the hunter bragging about taking down the popular animal.

“The hunter who has wanted him dead for nearly 3 years had the satisfaction of putting an arrow through him, bragging at the station,” read the Facebook post, which sparked anger and sadness among some of the page’s 22,000 fans.

In a statement, the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that a black…

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Palm Oil: Help Save Orangutans and Other Animals From Extinction

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

Help save Orangutans and other animals from extinction as a result of the irresponsible cultivation of palm oil.


I am sure you are aware of the environmental damage as a result of the cultivation of palm oil, in particular the loss of habitat for many animals including Orangutans who in countries such as Sumatra are under threat of extinction as their forest home is being felled and turned into oil palm plantations on a massive scale.

Below you will find more information and a number of suggested actions you can take. Please take as many as possible.

Firstly please sign and share the following petitions. All are simple requiring few details and just a click to sign.

Petition: Tell IOI to start protecting rainforests.

The first is an urgent petition from Green Peace who say the following about one palm oil company :

Indonesia: right now. Picture huge fires in swathes…

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Only when the last tree has died

This post is in response to The Daily Post: Tree

Pangolins, Remarkable In More Ways Than One


1187 More than 1 million wild pangolins have been killed in the last decade. Photograph: Paul Hilton/WCS

We honestly knew little, perhaps nothing, about these creatures until very recently when they were in the news; and they were almost gone before we learned about them. Suddenly, thankfully, pangolins have been given the attention they deserve from the folks (including all of us) who may be able to help them survive as a species:

Pangolins thrown a lifeline at global wildlife summit with total trade ban

World’s most illegally trafficked mammal wins total ban on international trade in all species under the strictest Cites protection possible

Pangolins, the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal, were thrown a lifeline at a global wildlife summit on Wednesday with a total trade ban in all species.

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Pesticide Industry Secret Study Shows Neonics Kills Bees

Nwo Report


Tests conducted by agrochemical giants Syngenta and Bayer showed that their own pesticides caused severe harm to bees.

Yet they kept their findings secret and did not make them public.

Documents obtained by Greenpeace reveal that the agrochemical industry has a disregard for the environmental and food security concerns, and that regulators are no help.

According to a UN study more than 40 percent of invertebrate species like bees and butterflies face extinction threats at the local level.

“If Bayer and Syngenta cared about the future of our pollinators, they would have made the findings public…It’s time for these companies to come clean”

Common Dreams reports:

Agrochemical giants Syngenta and Bayer discovered in their own tests that their pesticides caused severe harm to bees, according to unpublished documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the environmental group Greenpeace.

The companies conducted the trials on products that…

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Study Says Earth’s Wilderness Will Be Gone By 2100

Nwo Report


The Earth’s wilderness areas will be completely eliminated by the year 2100, according to a disturbing new study.

Despite the importance of wilderness ecosystems on biodiversity, climate, food, shelter, medicine and other vital ecological and evolutionary processes, they are being destroyed at a dangerously rapid rate.

It takes 1,000 years to repopulate a newly planted forest with tree species and it took earth one million years to create a rainforest.

Scientists say that by the end of this century all life on the planet will be at risk of extinction as all wilderness land will be occupied by humans and their corporations.

According to a report by Underground Reporter:

A wilderness twice the size of Alaska has been demolished by modern day practices in less than two decades. That’s 3.3 million kilometers, or a tenth of the world’s entire uncultivated land — simply gone.

A new study published in the journal Current Biology suggests that by the…

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Take action against the rhino horn and ivory trade

Daniel George Kopulos Enslaved hundreds of birds and other animals in a house of horrors

The Monsters Among Us

Home [HOUSE OF HORRORS] of Daniel George Kopulos age 41

danielexploit 82 Newtown Turnpike, Weston, CT 06883  (212) 927-5552 Daniel owns Fauna NYC Uptown Birds in New York City Business of horrors. Daniel George Kopulos perpetuates the evil exotic bird criminal trafficking racket. BIRDS WERE MEANT TO FLY FREE NOT LIVE IN CAGES LET ALONE BEING SMUGGLED AND CAGED AND THEN IN THIS CASE TO BE KEPT IN A DISGUSTING HOUSE OF FILTH AND DISEASE. wf-web-animalabuse_aviary-9-16image1__2_wf-web-animalabuse-9-16

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue worker with birds recovered from 82 Newtown Turnpike in Weston.animal-abuse-bird-rescue Upon her arrival at 82 Newtown Turnpike, last week, Corrie Butler said she was overwhelmed by the “cloying, suffocating stench of death and decay.”
Butler and a team of volunteers from Rhode Island Parrot Rescue arrived at the Weston home on Friday, Sept. 16, and removed more than 100 exotic birds to take back to their headquarters in Warwick, R.I.
The day before…

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