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iAnimal – Changing minds for factory animals

Cruelty Free


I recently found out about iAnimal, a truly amazing technology that allows a 360 degree immersive experience which takes people into the lives of animals trapped on factory farms and slaughterhouses to see how they live, suffer and die.


iAnimal is run by Animal Equality, an international animal protection organisation that works in 8 countries within Europe, America and Asia that investigates and exposes the truth of the lives of animals raised and killed for food. They hope to expose the truth and ultimately change the way people feel and approach animals for food. The footage used is from 18 month investigations within Mexico, the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy within factory farms and slaughterhouses.


Please take a moment to visit their website here and experience the reality of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. It may change the way you view these places, and the animals inside them.



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