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Mercy Carrion tortures animals through the ignorance of Santeria

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Mercy Carrion lives at 107 Sherwood, Sterling, VA 20164 her phone number is (703) 430-3282 She tortures animals in santeria rituals

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A Virginia woman has been convicted of animal cruelty after she decapitated roosters in her home as part of a Santeria ritual sacrifice.

Mercy Carrion, 43, a Santeria priestess from Loudoun County, declared in court on Wednesday that the charges against her violated her First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

Prosecutor Alexandra Hazel set the matter of Carrion’s religion aside, arguing that she had the right to sacrifice the roosters, but said she broke the law by failing to care for the birds beforehand and then slaughtered them in an inhumane way, reported the Loudoun Times Mirror.

Washington Post Article:August 3

Mercy Carrion greeted the officers who arrived at her Loudoun County home in…

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