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What a Fish Knows


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“What a Fish Knows draws on the latest science to present a fresh look at these remarkable creatures in all their breathtaking diversity and beauty. Fishes conduct elaborate courtship rituals and develop lifelong bonds with shoalmates. They also plan, hunt cooperatively, use tools, curry favor, deceive one another, and punish wrongdoers. We may imagine that fishes lead simple, fleeting lives―a mode of existence that boils down to a place on the food chain, rote spawning, and lots of aimless swimming. But, as author Jonathan Balcombe demonstrates, the truth is far richer and more complex, worthy of the grandest social novel.”

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Photo of the Day
Picture of a humpback whale calf, Vava‘u, Tonga
December 10, 2016Gentle Observer

A young humpback meets the lucky photographer’s gaze in the waters around Vava‘u, Tonga. Mother humpback whales and their young swim close together, even touching one another often with their flippers in apparent gestures of affection. “We had been observing this young calf … for perhaps 10 minutes when [it] decided to leave [its] mum’s side and swim over,” Your Shot photographer Michael Smith says. “I could clearly see [its] beautiful eye staring right into my soul.”
Photograph By Michael Smith, National Geographic Your Shot
Copyright © 2015-2016 National Geographic Partners, LLC. All rights reserved

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Yes, Fish Feel Pain

Please research overfishing and bycatch then you will know the injustice you are supporting when you consume any fish product.

Not only do fish feel pain but in addition to causing them immense suffering, we are decimating significant (non-target species aka bycatch) marine life populations to provide for our enormous appetites.

Please consider a plant-based lifestyle, it works just as well — or even better.

Please think before you eat.


Fish Pain


Fish Feel


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Thinking Pigs

Animalista Untamed

Dedicated to Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save standing tial on 24th August for the crime of giving water to dehydrated pigs on their way to the slaughterhouse.

“There is good scientific evidence to suggest we need to rethink our overall relationship to them”

Renowned neuroscientist Lori Marino

An oink is not just an oink, and a grunt not just a grunt. It seems from a new study by the University of Lincoln that just like us, pigs have quite a lot to say for themselves, which will come as no surprise to those lucky people who get to rub shoulders with piggy buddies. Or to the rest of us who call nonhuman animals our friends and equals.

As usual, science is catching up with what we instinctively knew already. But the research into pigs’ language is great news because it adds yet another to the fast-growing tally of studies…

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