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Why Shaming Is Bad Activism

Keep Calm & Act For Animals

This post is in response to The Daily Post: Panic


Nothing Without Awareness

This post is in response to The Daily Post: Passionate


There is nothing without awareness. No plan. No action. No chance for possible change.

My passion for living is my life-long goal until the day I die. I’m a social justice activist and work in my spare time to raise awareness for animal rights, animal welfare and environmental issues.

I got my start in the early 1990’s after reading a National Georgraphic magazine and learning about the plight of elephants killed for their ivory – little did I know that some 25+ years later we would still be waging the war against poachers to protect these magnificient and gentle giants. It is an absolute abomination.

There is so much wrong in the world and needless to say it hurts me so that’s why I do what I do – I want to help inspire others to do some good. There are so many in need of our compassion and empathy; I work to help restore compassion to our society. I say restore compassion because I see how our society is and how we operate – I used to be a part of it.

I’m not saying that people are necessarily uncaring – it could be that some, or the majority I should say, are just not aware? – or it may be that they just don’t care as much as I do — or at all about things that are dear to me and that I see as vital in getting the word out about for the sake of those whose lives hang in the balance.

Yes it is clear that I am fighting an uphill battle and overwhelm myself daily in the pain and oppression of other species but because I feel it is the right thing to do, nothing will stop me from trying to do what I can to help others become involved.

I know there are many who don’t want to hear what is wrong with how they are living and I can equally relate because I was once like that too. I was raised in a meat-eating family, I bought leather without thinking twice as well as products tested on animals and went for elephant rides, trips to the zoo and marine parks, etc.

One day, my eyes were open and I was floored. Who in their right mind would want to support such cruelty? From there I started making immediate changes where I could and for some years to come — I have never looked back. I am so thankful for finding the alternate path I did and would not change a thing had I to do it over again.

I have heard that it takes nothing away from someone to be kind to animals and this is so true. We have nothing to lose by living a compassionate lifestyle and by choosing to be aware of how our choices can affect others we share the world with.

I am not perfect – no one is – but anything that one can do to help alleviate suffering for the oppressed victims should be encouraged and this cannot be done without awareness. In order to help the situation, we need to know what is happening.

Along with addressing the pain for the oppressed victims, I also provide resources to help with pet care, pet adoption, shopping guide for alternatives and much more.

It may seem like it’s all bad news but this is not true. If I haven’t scared you off, I hope you’ll take a look around and see what I have to offer.

I provide the information. You choose to use it or not. It’s your choice.