Operation Glass Walls



In the United States and across the globe, farmed animals and slaughterhouse workers are often hidden from the public eye, shielded behind private walls and isolated in remote locations.

Undercover footage regularly reveals shocking animal cruelty in animal factories. The meat industry usually responds by condemning their workers, and assuring the public that those involved will be punished. Thus, instead of the abuse being addressed as standard practice, each case is treated as an “isolated incident”.

These mixed messages leave many of us wondering who to trust and what to believe.

So what really happens in an everyday slaughterhouse?

In Defense of Animals is tearing down the wall of secrecy, and informing consumers by asking the workers themselves.






suppσrtíng αnímαl wєlfαrє – fíghtíng fσr αnímαl ríghts – σnє єαrth σnє chαncє

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