Feeding The Future

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A Well-Fed World
Hunger relief & animal protection organization

Beyond Meat
The Future of Protein

Clara Foods
imagine an egg for everyone

Cultured Beef
A crucial first step towards sustainable meat production

Eat Neat
a healthy replacement for meat

Follow Your Heart
Live Healthy

Future Food
Meat without Livestock

The Future of Meat
An international installation showing five potential future scenarios about meat consumption in 2050

Deliciously Meat Free

Gelatin without animal scraps

The Good Food Institute
Creating a healthy, humane and sustainable food supply

Hampton Creek
What would it look like if we started over?

Impossible Foods
Developing a new generation of delicious and sustainable meats and cheeses made entirely from plants

Memphis Meats
We’re developing cultured meat—real meat grown from animal cells, without the actual animal. Better for you, the planet & the animals.

The Modern Agriculture Foundation
Saving our planet. Caring for our children.

Modern Meadow
Developing cultured animal products with no animal slaughter and much lower inputs of land, water, energy and chemicals

More Than Meat
Revolutionary Healthy Food

New Harvest
Milk without cows – Eggs without hens – Beef without cows

New Wave Foods
Sustainable Seafood

Perfect Day
Animal-Free Milk

Sunfed Meats
Tastes so good you wouldn’t know it’s better for you

Super Meat
100% meat. 0% animal suffering.

Tofuna Fysh
ocean inspired | plant-based

The Vegg
World’s First Vegan Egg Yolk