Dining Out Veg




Mock meat and dairy alternatives aren’t just for enjoying at home anymore – they are making a huge impact at selected restaurants and are quickly on the move to secure a permanent spot in the fast food sector.

Hopefully you can try these for yourself — and take part in the joy that comes along with everything these products stand for:

  • Morals
  • Ethics
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Premium Quality
  • Realistic Similarity


Where to Find the Goods


Daiya CheeseUncle Maddio’s Pizza

Daiya Cheese @ Pie Five Pizza

The Beyond Burger @ Veggie Grill

Daiya CheeseGardein Breaded Chick’n Cutlet & Tofurky Pepperoni @ Nittany Pizza

Daiya Cheese @ MOD Pizza

Beyond Meat Chicken Strips @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe


If you want to contribute to the list above, contact me with your suggestion.




Some background on Nittany Pizza – they have not been covered by in the Media but they did provide the following information on 12/11/16 through a personal inquiry on Facebook. I’d also like to note that I found out about this hot spot and others via Happy Cow.

We have had Vegan on our menu from the first day we opened in early 2012. I was not sure if there would be enough interest to keep the items long term, but thought it was worth a try. Luckily it has proved successful with about 10% of our sales being Vegan items!

We Tried It: The Veggie Burger That ‘Bleeds’ Like Meat 2016

Beyond Meat Partners with Veggie Grill 2016

National Pizza Chain Now Offers Vegan Cheese 2015

Tropical Smoothie Café: Beyond Meat Here to Stay 2013

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Offers Beyond Meat 2014

Tropical Smoothie Cafe® Debuts Beyond Meat™ Chicken-Free Strips Nationwide 2013


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