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3D-Printed Bomb-Sniffing Dog Noses Could Replace the Real Thing

Beware! China Leather Might Be Made Out of Dog or Cat Skin

The Chinese Dog-Leather Industry

Dogs are being skinned alive in China to make leather gloves

Dog slaughter banned in South Korean market

Dogs tortured then killed after ‘free to good home’ ads

Is your leather from China? It might be made of dog or cat skin

Killing dogs and cats for meat is still legal in 44 U.S. states

Lacrosse team accused of killing guinea pig to get ‘face paint’

Man gets prison in stabbing of dog that kept coming home

Man leaves woman chilling voicemail that he tortured, killed her dog

Milwaukee Man Sentenced to Jail for Stabbing Dog to Death

Virginia Pet Sitter Arrested After Allegedly Leaving Chilling Voicemail Saying He Tortured, Killed Woman’s Dog


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