Animals For Entertainment


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Action for Greyhounds

Ban the Bolt Campaign

Blood Lions: Bred For The Bullet

Campaign Against Canned Hunting

Captive Animals’ Protection Society

Circus Protest

Citizens Against Greyhound Racing

CRAC Europe

Dr. David Sztybel’s The Holocaust Comparison Project

Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe

Gone are the Dogs


Greyhound Cruelty

Greyhound Racing

Greyt Exploitations

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse Racing Kills

Horse Racing Wrongs

Race Horse Death Watch

‘Wastage’ and Horse Racing

Miranda Lambert: Animal Abuser and Animal Killer

Partido Animalista

Raced to Death

The Cruel Truth About Rodeos

European Anti-Rodeo Coalition

Rodeo Facts

Rodeo Leaflets

Save Nosey Now

Seaworld Slaves

Shark Online

Stop Bullfighting

Stop Crush

Yuma Circus

Zoocheck Canada

Zoo Inspectors (coming soon)


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