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All content within this website is provided for personal use and may be freely reproduced to help raise awareness – it is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

Awareness Helps is a comprehensive directory with a focus on animal rights, animal welfare and environmental issues. It offers a massive website directory, image galleries, daily blog, guides and more. Quality and premium content provided.

My goal is to help raise awareness to the injustices and atrocities that are happening around the world while providing a variety of other helpful resources; while also providing support for those who follow a vegetarian/vegan or plant-based lifestyle. We need to focus our efforts on advocacy to inform the masses and help restore values of compassion – and a sense of awareness – to society.

Images are linked to the original source when possible or a related website for more information. All external links and images open in a new window. Note: Images contained in galleries will not however a text link is provided.

If you support my efforts, the best thing you can do is share to raise awareness – with the power of social media, it is easier than ever for anyone to reach the masses and help make a difference.


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I only feel it as right that you know who is behind the work, so I’ve shared some details below. I hope that you will find my website helpful and worth your time; and that you will explore and learn how you can help. There is much to be ‘in the know’ about; they say knowledge is power and you’ll find plenty to learn about – don’t feel overwhelmed – just do something.


  • Native of Baltimore, MD
  • Living in South Central, PA
  • 25+ years experience in Animal Rights
  • Environmentalist
  • Vegetarian Since 98 & Aspiring Vegan
  • I create flyers and posters to distribute  – locally and beyond – to help inform raise awareness
  • I stop to help animals – alive and dead
  • Other interests: traveling, food guru, movie buff, alternative music, 80s, beach, gardening, coaster enthusiast


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Awareness Helps is a personal outreach effort 🐘


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