If You Believe in Non-Violence

Mercy for all Animals

Chicken Rosebud the therapy chicken

Many people sincerely want to see an end to war and a genuine peace between nations.

Many people want to see a decline in violent crime and more civility and decency between humans of all colors and creeds.

Many people want to do all they can to help bring change to our violent and unstable world.

Indeed, most people want to see a better world for all.

It begins at home as we strive to have harmony between family members, friends and co-workers.

And it begins with what’s on our plates.

If we truly believe in non-violence whenever and wherever possible, then we must face the fact that most of our meals currently involve extreme violence towards peaceful, innocent creatures who would do us no harm.

When we choose to eat foods borne of suffering, violence and death, we are literally consuming the fear, stress, pain and resistance of the…

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