5,069: The total number of wolves killed by USDA APHIS Wildlife Services from 2004 through 2017 because of livestock predation. This total does not include unreported kills or authorized losses not involving the agency. Be it private or public lands, wolves will be killed, in perpetuum, for the love of a burger, and most certainly when non-lethal deterrents are considered to be in order. A damned disgrace; in states with infinitesimal populations of wolves, such as Oregon, unacceptable.

Oregon is home to 3,930,065 humans, a cattle population of 1,280,000 and a mere 124 wolves. Just 124 wolves — and still there is no peace for the predators.

Oregon wildlife officials have killed, or authorized the killing of 17 wolves since 2009, including 13 (soon to be 14) in the past two years. 12 more have been poached, including 8 since 2015. Of those 17, this year, 3…

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