Ducks are NOT Easter Toys! Do Not Buy, Sell,  or Release These Birds into “the Wild”!  

Exposing the Big Game

from: United Poultry Concerns <>
23 March 2018

Dear Friends,

Each year, parents and others buy ducklings, baby chicks and rabbits on
for Easter. Most of these animals are discarded once the charm of “oh, how
wears off. Most people have no idea how to care for them, and few if any
spend money on veterinary care. Millions of Easter ducklings, chicks and
are dumped in the woods or near water, where they cannot survive. Many are
already sick, lame, malnourished and dehydrated.

Please read and share the following information. Please print out and
“*Are All Your Ducks In a Row?*” to libraries and elsewhere, including
centers and retailers like Tractor Supply, where baby animals are sold at
Easter. Those not sold are trashed. There is nothing cute, cuddly or kind
the business of “Easter” ducklings, chicks and rabbits.

*Thank you…

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