“Please Don’t Tell Me About It”

Mercy for all Animals

pig-memeWe humans are a strange lot.

We eat the remains of animals violently butchered and (for the vast majority) kept in horrendously cruel conditions until their short lives are ended at the slaughterhouse.

Yet we don’t want our dinner spoiled by hearing the details.

I cannot think of one single area in the lives of humans where the bizarre acceptance of what is repulsive to our minds and hearts (for most of us) is so conveniently denied and universally accepted.

If we can’t stand to hear the details, refuse to watch a video, hide from any photo that might expose blood, guts and cruelty, how on earth do we eat the food from which the savagery was obtained?

I think I know how–as I, too, was raised to eat animal flesh.

We pretend it can’t be that bad. We tell ourselves it’s o.k. when it’s clearly not to anyone with…

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One thought on ““Please Don’t Tell Me About It””

  1. Oh man, I HATE when I start telling people about it and they go “I don’t wanna know I don’t wanna know!!!” Then you shouldn’t be eating it!! Ugh! So frustrating. lol


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