PetSmart Charities – Hurricane Harvey Aid & More

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PetSmart Charities – Hurricane Harvey Aid & More

We here at BSPN, are secretly massive animal lovers and we wanted to take a moment to pause from our daily product-focused blog to highlight more of a charitable cause that has come to prominence over the last week.

As has been extensively reported in the news immensely powerful Hurricane Harvey recently hit the U.S. hard, causing devastation especially in Houston and beyond. Countless lives have been thrown into turmoil, and tragically, in many cases, lost completely.

During natural disasters, whilst human lives of course take precedence above all else, it is also easy to forget that animals and pets often suffer horrendously too.

Thankfully, that’s where organisations such as PetSmart Charities come in ( Charitable work for animals is especially vital now that charitable resources are being strained due to the disaster but more generally, PetSmart Charities also do great charitable…

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