Christopher Vogel Snapped a Pupps

The Monsters Among Us

Police hunt for brute who snapped a 3 month old puppys@zfMenu NEWSppy’s neck over WiFi July 27, 2017 | 3:24pm Christopher Vogel in a mugshot from a previous arrest. Polk Coun44ty Jail Iowa police are searching for a creep they say snapped a Corgi puppy’s neck—all because he wasn’t allowed to use the WiFi. In what one officer called “the worst case of animal abuse he’s seen in years,” Christopher David Vogel, 25, arrived unannounced to his acquaintance Larry Gray’s apartment on July 6 and demanded to use the internet, according to KAIT. Vogel said Gray “owed him,” but Gray wouldn’t allow him to log on—resulting in a heated squabble between the two, the Des Moines Register reported. Vogel threatened to snap the dog’s neck if wasn’t allowed to login and then grabbed the animal and ran out of the apartment with it, the paper reported. The devastated owners, both…

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