For Filmmaker Rob Stewart — Watch Sharkwater

Exposing the Big Game

by Karen Dawn


On day three of the search, Rob’s body was found at the bottom of the ocean he loved, 300 ft from where he was last seen alive. It seems most likely that he passed out and sank, painlessly, doing what he loved. I will leave the piece below intact, because now more than ever we can honor him by watching and sharing his beautiful work, his legacy.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Update:

Rob Stewart: Missing Canadian film-maker’s body found in Florida

As I write this piece, the search continues for activist and Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart, who has been missing for two days. On Saturday, he posted on Instagram and Facebook:

So happy to be shooting #Sharkwater2 with the best cameras and equipment in the world. For the first time I can show you sharks through my eyes, because the cameras can shoot that…

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