Why Shaming Is Bad Activism

Little Green Seedling

There are videos on social media of women being followed and shouted at in the street because they’re wearing fur. The activists often become aggressive, shouting things like “Shame on you!” and “Animals were anally electrocuted for your coat!”

The fur industry is deplorable and should never be defended. However, I think it’s highly problematic to target specific people who are wearing fur.

For one thing, there’s always a chance that the person doesn’t know what they’re wearing. They may have assumed it was fake, or they may not be aware of the horrors of the fur industry. It’s amazing how many people have simply never thought about where their clothes come from. Also, faux fur is now so realistic that it’s hard to be certain someone is wearing real fur.

Even if the person is fully aware of what they’re wearing, publicly shaming them is unlikely to be productive. It only…

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