46 Million

Mercy for all Animals

turkey-cuddlingCan you imagine if I was talking about 46 million cats or dogs being mercilessly slaughtered and eaten, all for a “tradition”?

Every year at Thanksgiving I eat alone, and I choose to do so, despite the offers of friends and family to join them.

I do it to not only avoid seeing the dead turkey on the table, I do it to mourn the millions of turkeys who died horrible, violent deaths, all for the sake of a “holiday”.

If I could I’d scoop them all up in my arms and rescue them from the cruelty and just plain indifference of man.

Why do we not care?

How can we ignore their suffering?

What is so important about killing a living, breathing animal who had a strong will to live and an affectionate and gentle nature?

My thoughts and prayers are with the poor creatures who suffered and died…

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