How Ads Get us to Override our Natural Compassion

Mercy for all Animals

elsie-the-cowAdvertising beats on the drum, over and over and over again until it convinces us that whatever it is that’s being sold is needed and desirable.

The meat and dairy industries are masters at this craft.

The ones who profit off of animal suffering and death know that the name of the game is to constantly bombard people with ads that make them feel that eating animals and animal products is perfectly natural, normal and necessary.

What’s natural is to have compassion for other creatures, which most children display at an early age.

What’s normal is to want to love and be close to other animals.

What’s necessary is the food with which we are made healthy and strong, and no animal product is needed (in fact, animal foods often work against our well-being).

Our natural feelings of mercy, of kindness, of compassion for other creatures is day by day…

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