A True Celebration of Life

Mercy for all Animals


Every year we slaughter innocent, gentle turkeys, most of whom were kept in cruel confinement until their deaths, all to say “thank you” and all completely unnecessary to our health and well-being.

These birds are no different from our precious pet cats and dogs–they feel fear, pain and joy, and they very much want to live.

But every year more and more sanctuaries offer a place where we can show love to these birds instead of cruelty and death.

This photo of a celebration FOR the turkeys gives me hope that one day we’ll understand that violence and cruelty and killing should never be inflicted upon innocent animals who mean us no harm simply for the sake of “tradition” or “habit” or “taste”.

Won’t you join me in starting a new tradition? One in which we do no harm to any sentient being while giving thanks for a future peaceful…

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