It’s So Simple Very Young Children Understand

Mercy for all Animals

There are so many arguments against veganism from so many different people, but they all fail when you take into account one thing.

I hear, “man has always eaten meat”, “animals were put here for us to use”, “I like the taste of meat”, “it’s a family tradition”, “animals kill other animals”, “don’t force your views on me”, “it’s my choice”, etc., etc., etc.

Every single excuse fails if you are against cruelty to animals.

Young children who make the connection know this.

And if you’re against cruelty to animals, then you are already a vegan in your heart.

Animals don’t want to die, they don’t want to suffer, they aren’t our property, and we aren’t obliged to eat them.

Take that step to match what you already are inside–a caring person who is appalled by animal cruelty and slaughter when all of it is unnecessary.

Children instinctively know that…

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