Go the Extra Mile for Opossums

If you’re like me, when you come upon a dead animal in the road, you will stop, get out and move it off the road, so it can at least die with some dignity and respect.

But with Opossums, comes another act of compassion and elite duty – to check females for babies in the pouch – sometimes they can wonder so always check around the area too. If you do find babies in need of help, get them to a wildlife rehab center ASAP.

It is wise to be prepared and have a list of numbers and contacts on hand as you never know when you may stumble into this type of situation. Always keep a good supply of latex gloves and hand sanitzer with you. Wash hands thoroughly ASAP.


How to Remove Opossum Babies Safely
(Instructional video but some may find it upsetting)


Side Note: I did this for the first time a few days ago when I came across a baby hit on a back road, there were no babies in the pouch. It had to have just happened as it was in a fresh state; there was no blood but somehow the life of this baby was taken.


Orphaned or Injured Opossum

  • For Injured Opossums: Rehabilitation is possible, please do your part to help. Seek immediate assistance. If you see an obviously dead female opossum and detect movement in the pouch area, have the body and infants transported to the nearest wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian.


What to Do if You Find Orphaned Opossums

  • You cared enough to rescue them; now please care enough to take care of them in a way that they have every chance to survive to be healthy adults.


For more information, visit my page on Wildlife Rescue

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