THE documentary to watch: Maximum Tolerated Dose

Conveniently Vegan

WOOHOO it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to sit back and relax!!!

If the weather by you is anything like the weather by me, all you probably want to do is curl up under a blanket with some tea (and hopefully a furry friend!) and watch a movie. Well I am here to tell you that movie should be…

Maximum Tolerated Dose!

Maximum Tolerated Dose is an award-winning documentary that takes the standpoint of interviewing ex-animal experimenters. This documentary is SO credible because each of these doctors came to the conclusion on their own that not only is animal testing cruel, but it’s also extremely unreliable.  The documentary has “hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians whose ethics demanded they choose a different path,” and has an AMAZING way of rebutting any pro-animal testing arguments.

Maximum Tolerated Dose is THE best documentary I have ever seen. Maybe I’m…

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