Inside the Mind of the Tyson Foods CEO

Kirschner's Korner

In 1980, Donnie Smith, the current CEO of Tyson Foods, began working for the company. Most people can’t watch five seconds of an undercover investigation at Tyson. Smith has been watching, profiting from, and enjoying the business of slaughtering animals for decades.

Beyond earning more than $10 million per year, what is it in Smith’s DNA that allows him to choose such a horrifying and ruthless career and to stick with it for so long? He must really believe in it. But why? And how? What was his childhood like? Who were his parents? Could I get him to speak with me? How does he view animals? Does he feel bad about killing them? How does he explain Tyson’s dismal treatment of employees, animals, and the environment.

Tyson kills more farmed animals than any other company in the United States. They employ 125,000 people to participate in the killing. This…

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