Marshmallows — Are they really made with horses’ hooves?

Tuesday's Horse

When I saw a parcel had arrived from my former husband who now lives in Ireland I could hardly wait to tear it open. He had sent me a text saying he had posted me some biscuits (cookies) and hoped they would arrive okay — as in not all smashed up and nothing but a bunch of crumbs.

Inside the well padded envelope I found one of my all time favorites plus another packet in cheery red. Through a clear bit of the cellophane I could see something all pink and fluffy. I thought ooh, what’s this? Then I saw Jam Mallows emblazoned across the front. True to their name they contained jam and marshmallows.

Darn, I thought to myself, he knows I don’t eat anything made with marshmallows and he knows why.

Marshmallows typically contain gelatin as do products such as Jell-O. I had read somewhere that gelatin is…

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