Beyond Meat CEO Responds to Concerns About Tyson Foods Investment

Kirschner's Korner

Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown agreed to an interview with Kirschner’s Korner today to discuss customers’ concerns about a recent investment from animal agriculture company Tyson Foods.

An ethical vegan and passionate supporter of farmed animal advocacy organizations, Mr. Brown founded the plant-based meat company in 2009 to solve the problems he viewed in animal agriculture. With investments from Bill Gates and other visionaries, Beyond Meat’s products have grown exponentially in popularity since their launch in 2012. The following interview sheds light on the decision and the company’s mission.


Kirschner’s Korner (KK): Beyond Meat recently accepted an investment from Tyson Foods. What are the reasons you decided to partner with an animal agriculture company?

Ethan Brown (EB): We welcome Tyson Foods to Beyond Meat as a minority investor. It’s a hopeful sign that we may be moving towards a productive collaboration to expand consumer choice.  We are excited…

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