Tyson Foods Invests in Beyond Meat

Kirschner's Korner

Tyson Foods, the largest killer of animals in the U.S., shocked Wall Street today when it announced it purchased a 5% stake in the booming plant-based meat company Beyond Meat. The purchase follows a series of criminal acts and other shortcomings by Tyson recently highlighted by its shareholders, including a resolution encouraging them to explore plant-based meat.

The investment also comes following a recent undercover investigation that exposed Tyson employees punching chickens in the face and kicking them like footballs. A recent Oxford University study that reported $1.5 trillion in healthcare and climate change-related costs could be saved by 2050 if people decreased their dependence on eating animals may have also spurred the decision.

“The quality of the Beyond Burger is amazing,” said Monica McGurk, senior vice president in charge of strategy and new ventures at Tyson. “We think it’s a game-changing product that gives us exposure to this fast-growing…

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