How do you feel about the Burlington pig truck crash?

Conveniently Vegan

The past few days, the details of the Burlington truck crash have been playing over and over in my head. I am so sickened by everything I have heard regarding the tragedy. 

I shared One Green Planet’s post on the crash from the Sanctuary I work for’s social media, and after reading all about the incident and posting on it, I had to go outside and see the pigs. I feel lucky to regularly see such gorgeous beings. They are beautiful, and it baffles me to no end that people eat them. 

People eat other living beings. 

When it’s not even necessary.

These pigs were offered Sanctuary, yet officials thought it would still be better to kill them. I am sickened by this world. How can we do this to living beings, day in and day out? I know the world is changing and many more people are vegan than…

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One thought on “How do you feel about the Burlington pig truck crash?”

  1. I expect there were people who thought, “Oh poor pigs, killed and injured in a RTA,” but still thought it was ok for them to be on their way to the slaughterhouse:( I hope the publicity will make at least some folk stop and think. It’s so hard to understand how anyone can think this is in anyway acceptable. It’s Auschwitz.

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