New Jersey Vegfest

Mercy for all Animals

A sold out festival on behalf of the vegan message?


This packed event, held at the Morristown, New Jersey Hyatt Hotel on October 2nd, 2016, was a reminder to me that this movement is far from a fad…it’s a real turning away from society’s thoughtless use and abuse of animals to a culture of mercy and respect for other creatures.

This gives me great hope in where we’re heading with regards to animal rights.

It also showcased delicious food and drink, and medical doctors spoke of how illnesses are often reversed and cured by a plant-based diet (no news to me, but no doubt still news to many).

And there were film screenings that were so moving and inspiring they couldn’t help but turn heads and hearts towards this powerful message.

In one film (Vegan Every Day Stories) a woman spoke of her experience filming inside a slaughterhouse and…

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