#FeelFreeFriday ~ 88


Whenever an animal gets rescued from a fur farm it feels bitter-sweet to me.

It is a reminder of the millions of animals who live and die under horrific conditions just to be skinned for their fur.

Ferdinand, is one lucky fox who was spared this fate. On 17th August, because of his poor physical condition, he was removed from a fur farm in Chodzież, Poland.

FerdinandFerdinand caged on a fur farm (Photo by Otwarte Klatki)

According to Paweł Rawicki from the organisation Otwarte Klatki, Ferdinand “will not be killed and skinned this autumn, like the rest of the foxes and raccoon dogs on fur farms”.

Instead he will “become another ambassador of our anti-fur campaign, Fur Price”.

Ferdinand now lives in a zoo, “safe and sound, he can walk freely on a soft ground, stretch his body, eat good food and enjoy his fox life for the next couple of…

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