Seventh Generation to be Bought by Unilever

Today Unilever announced plans to purchase Seventh Generation. Long known to be a cruelty-free brand with lots of vegan options, Seventh Generation has been a staple in many cruelty-free and vegan homes for a long time. News of this acquisition was just released by Unilever.

It’s currently unclear if this will impact the cruelty-free status of Seventh Generation.It’s always sad to see cruelty-free brands purchased by companies that test on animals. Not only does Unilever itself test on animals, but most Unilever brands also test on animals.

For consumers like myself who do not purchase from brands with a parent company that test on animals, I will need to replace most of my cleaning products based on this acquisition alone.

Read the full article here.

2 thoughts on “Seventh Generation to be Bought by Unilever”

  1. I’m always torn on this one. Do you continue to buy your brand provided it remains cruelty free and vegan to show the parent company that there is a demand for these ethical products, or boycott them? I find it hard to decide. I abhor the very thought of a monster corporation like Unilever taking over an ethical company. These megacorps are running the world. The Bayer take over of Monsanto is a nightmare from hell.

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    1. I don’t want nothing to do with a company who tests on animals, even if the product is cruelty-free, the money still supports that company and so you are supporting animal testing. There are alternatives just need to find them.


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